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Test case for bank application or test scenario for bank application or bank applicationtest case:In this article, we will learn how to write banking application test cases in an Excel spreadsheet. In our previous post, we also covered the test case template for Amazon search functionality. Each bank has its own remittance process.

Therefore, it is difficult to generalize the process of all banks. So I'm trying to develop a process that most banks probably have in their remittance process. Depending on the type of bank you use, you'll find many differences.

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However, before you start writing test cases for the banking application, you need to know the following:

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What is Internet Banking?

With online banking, customers and organizations use electronic means to transfer funds through web applications. Today, in the 21st century, most people transfer money this way because it's faster and you don't have to wait in long lines for a single transaction.

You can use this method to carry out various business-related remittances, such as B. Collection, payment and many other operations.

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But when you're dealing with a banking application, developers and testers make sure that the application runs smoothly across all browsers and devices. In addition, the web application is protected against all cyber threats without performance degradation even during peak work hours.

Banking Application Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheet and PDF 2022 (2023) (2)

Banking App Testing

When testing a banking application, QA specialists prioritize several areas:

  • function test:All modules work as expected (both as standalone elements and after integrating all individual modules).
  • Usability testing:In most cases, people using banking apps are not experienced PC users. So, for them, the form should be clear and have a user-friendly interface.
  • Performance Testing:Since this is developed for users, application performance should be faster. And the app should work fine on different platforms.
  • Safety test:For example, when you use a banking app, you use it to transfer money. so it has the highest priorityThe task of organizing the development of applications to comply with standard security policies.

In this article, we'll discuss the natural flow of a banking application using some basic scenarios:

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Test Steps for Banking Transactions

So, here are the necessary steps that we follow while making money transfers:

  • Go to the bank website login page.
  • Enter a username and password.
  • Go to the funds transfer page.
  • Add the recipient you want to transfer money to.
  • Check bank details and personal details. Check that they are correct.
  • Select a specific money transfer method from NEFT/RTGS or SWIFT transfer options.
  • Select a beneficiary name and funds, then submit details.
  • Review the amount and other details on the verification page.
  • Click "Send" to complete the final transfer process.

Whatever steps you see above, that's the basic flow we'll cover here. This may differ from the above if you are traveling to a different region.

For example, some of you may have SMS authentication before sending money. Some of you may have other ways to verify recipient details to avoid sending money to the wrong person. However, the process is pretty much the same for most banks.

Another different process that different banks may use is adding beneficiaries. The fields you now see in the image below may vary from bank to bank. So the image below shows how many fields you can also validate and write test cases for.

Banking Application Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheet and PDF 2022 (2023) (3)

If you add test cases for each page, the test cases mostly cover the basic aspects of testing.

Money Transfer Test Scenario in a Banking Application

  • Check the bank's websiteurl.
  • Check the bank website URL address bar and whether HTTPS is included in the URL.
  • Check the login page of the bank's website for deception.
  • Check the bank's login page for a username and password.
  • Check that the username and password are accepted.
  • Check whether SMS authentication is triggered after login.
  • Verify that the user is redirected to the dashboard after passing all authentication processes.
  • Confirm that the user has access to the online money transfer function.
  • Checks if the Send Money option is available to the user during the specified time period (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).
  • Check the money transfer options for notifications of after-hours transactions.
  • Checks if user can add beneficiaries.
  • Check if beneficiary details can be verified.
  • Check if the remittance option allows NEFT or RTGS options for nationalized remittances.
  • Check the transfer page for beneficiary name, IFSC code, bank name, amount and purpose of transfer.
  • If the amount of funds is more than 50,000, please check the transfer page to see if a PAN number is required.
  • Please check whether there is two-step verification on the transfer page before completing the transfer.
  • Check that transfers between banks are instant.
  • Check how long it takes to transfer money between business hours.
  • Check how long it takes to send funds outside of business hours.
  • Check whether a notification of the transfer amount is sent to both the sender and receiver.
  • Check that the amount was transferred exactly to the person named on the beneficiary list.

There are a few other scenarios besides this flow; moreover, we've now added to this post. I hope this also gave you an idea of ​​how to write test cases for a banking application.

Banking Application Test Case - Online Banking Application

  • Verify that a user can log in with a valid username and password
  • Verify that the user is able to perform basic financial transactions
  • Verify that a user can add a beneficiary with a valid name and account details
  • Check users can make financial transactions with added beneficiaries
  • Checks if user can add decimal point to amount (limited to 2 digits).
  • Verify that users cannot paste negative numbers in amount fields.
  • Checking users can only transfer funds if there is an appropriate balance in the account.
  • Confirmation check to check if there is a financial transaction
  • Check users receive confirmation of receipt if the financial transaction is successful.
  • Check customers can send money to multiple people
  • Check if user is allowed to change password
  • Checking account details also reflect financial transactions.
  • Checks whether the user is allowed to log in with an invalid password.
  • Checks if the user should be locked out (per limit) after repeated login attempts with an incorrect password.
  • Check the timeout function implementation
  • Checks if username or password is empty. User is not allowed to log in. A warning should also be displayed to the user.

Banking Application Playbook Test Cases - Admin

  • Verify that the administrator can log in with valid credentials and cannot log in with an invalid login date.
  • Check that admins can log in without valid test data.
  • Check all links for admin role applications.
  • Check that administrators can change passwords with valid data, changes with invalid data should not be allowed.
  • Make sure that the most recently used test data cannot be reused.
  • Check whether the administrator can log in successfully.

Banking Application Test Case - New Branch

  • Check if a new branch can be created with valid data.
  • Check for invalid data. You cannot add branches.
  • Check this option to attempt to create a new branch with existing test data.
  • Check that the reset, cancel and submit buttons work as expected.
  • Attempt to update branch details with valid and invalid test data.
  • Try updating store details with test data.
  • Update branch details with existing branch test data
  • Check if the cancel button works.
  • Checks whether it is allowed to delete branches with and without dependencies.
  • Checks if users should be able to search and find branches.

Banking Application Test Cases in Excel Spreadsheet - New Role

Let's now look at some sample test cases for a banking application with a new role added.

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  • Check if new roles can be created with valid data.
  • Check if it is possible to create test data without test data.
  • Validate new roles against existing test data
  • Check the role description and role type.
  • Verify that cancel and commit work as expected.
  • Checks if a role without dependencies can be dropped.
  • Verify that all links for the new role work as expected.

If you have a few more points to add, please let us know. We will now move to other test cases for the customer and visitor banking application.

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Test Cases for Banking Application in Excel Spreadsheet - Customers and Visitors

  • Verify that all links from the Customers and Visitors modules work as expected.
  • Check that all clients can log in with their valid credentials.
  • Check if the client cannot log in with an invalid date.
  • Check the number of unsuccessful account accesses; then the user account should be blocked or not blocked for that day.

Banking Application Test Case - Adding a New User

  • Check if you can add a new user with valid data.
  • Check for validation messages when invalid data is entered.
  • After adding the user verify that the correct branch details are displayed.
  • Verify that all links are working as expected.
  • Verify that all buttons work as expected.
  • Check validation message appears when invalid data is entered while updating user details.
  • Check for the warning message when you click the submit button during the update without changing any details.
  • Check that the delete user functionality works as expected.

Bank Application PDF Test Case - New Account

  • Check all required fields and corresponding validation messages.
  • Review all optional fields and corresponding validation messages.
  • Check after filling all the required fields, click submit and check if the new user is added.
  • After depositing the amount into the account, check to see if the updated balance is displayed.
  • Check if the user can withdraw the amount.
  • After withdrawing the amount, check to see if the balance is updated.
  • Review all input details displayed in the User Profile section.
  • If it is a secondary account, check whether there is a primary account.
  • If it is a checking account, please check that company details are provided.
  • If it's a joint account, check to see if proof is provided.
  • Zero checking accounts are kept in payroll accounts.
  • See if you can keep your non-salary account minimum balance at zero or less.

A test case for the bank account number field.

To test the bank account number field, just follow the steps below.

Bank account number: SSSSXXNNNNNNNN (eg 35010100008033)

  • SSSS - The first four digits of your account number are the Service Outlet ID [SOL ID]
  • XX - The fifth and sixth digits of your account number indicate the plan type (01-09).

The different scheme types are:

01 – Savings,
02 – Checking Account
03 – Term Deposit
04 – Overdraft
05 – Bar Qualification
06 - Loans
07 – Package Credit
08 – Inland Notes
09 – Foreign Invoice
81 – FI account under SB 150

NNNNNNNN – The remaining -8 bits represent the serial number.

Example test case for the bank account number field.

  • Check the Accounting field by entering a valid account number.
  • Check the accounting field by entering an invalid account number.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number longer than 14 digits.
  • Check the account number field by entering an account number with fewer than 14 digits.
  • Verify the account number by inserting 14 zeros.
  • Check that the accounting field allows letters and special characters.
  • Validate the account number field by entering an alphanumeric value.
  • Validates that the account number field accepts null values.
  • Check for warning messages by entering an invalid account number.
  • Validates whether to display a message when the user enters an account that does not exist.
  • Validates that the user is allowed to paste an account number into the account number field.
  • Check this when the user enters a closed account.
  • Check this when the user enters account numbers with spaces between them.


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I hope we have covered basic testing scenarios for a banking application. If while going through the above scenarios you find banking application test cases missing, you can mention these scenarios in the comment section.

If you have any contribution to about banking apps or any other topic or tool, you can write to。

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How to write test cases for banking application? ›

3. Test Cases for Customers and Bankers
  1. Check if all visitor and customer links are working properly.
  2. Double-check the customer's login with valid and invalid test data.
  3. Check the customer's login without any data.
  4. Check the banker login without any data.
  5. Check the banker's login with valid or invalid test data.
Jun 30, 2022

How do you write test scenarios and test cases in Excel sheet? ›

Follow these steps to create a simple and effective test case template in Excel:
  1. Step 1: Create Headers For The Columns. ...
  2. Step 2: Create Rows For Each Test Case ID. ...
  3. Step 3: Document The Results in The Test Case Row. ...
  4. Test Case ID. ...
  5. Test Case Description. ...
  6. Test Steps. ...
  7. Expected Results. ...
  8. Actual Results.

How do you write a test case in Excel? ›

How to write test cases in Excel?
  1. Step 1: Build a Test case Repository. Mention the basic details such as Project Name, Prepared By (Tester's Name), Prepared for (Developer's Name), Document Purpose, Application Type, Date and Version. ...
  2. Step 2: Create a Test Case Matrix. ...
  3. Step 3: Make a Detailed Sheet.

How much software testing is enough? ›

Most software developers catch and fix 99% of their mistakes in a product before deploying it for testing, so it is the role of the tester to find the 1% remaining. This 1% may be neglected by the developers because they assume the end-user wouldn't take that route while using the product.

What are some examples of test cases? ›

Let's explore some more test case types and examples:
  • functionality.
  • UI.
  • integration.
  • performance.
  • usability.
  • database.
  • user acceptance.
  • exploratory.
Feb 1, 2022

How to write test cases in manual testing in Excel sheet download? ›

How to Write Test Cases in an Excel Sheet
  1. Test Case ID: Test Case ID will be the test case number of story number in JIRA.
  2. Test Case Description: The description will be a short description of the functionality.
  3. Assumptions: Assumptions should be mentioned in the assumptions columns if any.
Jan 3, 2022

How many test cases can you write in a day? ›

41) How many test cases can we run in a day? We can run around 30-55 test cases per day.

What is the difference between test scenario and test case? ›

The main difference between test cases and test scenarios is that test cases are specific instructions that can be used to test a particular function or feature of an application, while test scenarios are high-level descriptions of how a specific function or feature of an application should work.

What is the formula for cases in Excel? ›

Change the case of text in Excel
  • To change column A to Title Case, select cell B2. Type =PROPER(A2), and press Enter. Tip: Use the formula =UPPER(A1) for all UPPERCASE; =LOWER(A1) for all lowercase.
  • Now fill down the formula through cell B10.

What is the formula in Excel for sentence case? ›

In cell B2, type =PROPER(A2), then press Enter. This formula converts the name in cell A2 from uppercase to proper case. To convert the text to lowercase, type =LOWER(A2) instead.

What is a test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

What are the 7 principles of testing? ›

According to the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), the seven principles of software testing are:
  • Testing shows the presence of defects.
  • Exhaustive testing is impossible.
  • Early testing.
  • Defect clustering.
  • Pesticide paradox.
  • Testing is context dependent.
  • Absence-of-errors fallacy.
Jun 16, 2022

Can testing be 100 %? If not then why? ›

100% test coverage simply means you've written a sufficient amount of tests to cover every line of code in your application. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. If you've structured your tests correctly, this would theoretically mean you can predict what some input would do to get some output.

Which software testing is most important? ›

One of the most important types of testing for applications is application security testing.

Is there any tool to write test cases? ›

Answer: There are several test management tools such as TestRail, PractiTest, QTest, Zephyr, etc. and are good for writing test cases.

Which tool is best for writing test cases? ›

Here's a shortlist of the best test case management tools:
  • Tricentis qTest — Best for automating tests with no scripting.
  • Zephyr — Best Jira integration for test case management.
  • TestCaseLab — Best for manual QA testers.
  • Test Collab — Best for improving communication between testers & developers.
Mar 28, 2023

How many steps should a test case have? ›

You should have 3-8 test steps in a test case. If you only have a few test steps, you should probably consider making a checklist instead – it's not worth your while to keep track of a lot of small test cases when a checklist will do the job just as well.

What is a successful test case? ›

An effective test case design will be: Accurate, or specific about the purpose. Economical, meaning no unnecessary steps or words are used. Traceable, meaning requirements can be traced. Repeatable, meaning the document can be used to perform the test numerous times.

How do I create a test case template? ›

Follow the below-given steps to write the test cases.
  1. Step 1 – Test Case ID. Each test case should be illustrated by a unique ID. ...
  2. Step 2 – Test Case Description. ...
  3. Step 3 – Pre-Conditions. ...
  4. Step 4 – Test Steps. ...
  5. Step 5 – Test Data. ...
  6. Step 6 – Expected Result. ...
  7. Step 7 – Post Condition. ...
  8. Step 8 – Actual Result.

How to write test cases for PDF download? ›

Test Cases For Download
  1. Check whether the Download button is clickable or not.
  2. Check on click of the download file; it should ask for the destination location or not.
  3. Check if the file is downloaded or not when the user clicks on download.
  4. Check if the downloaded file size is equal to the original file size.
Apr 10, 2023

How to use test in Excel? ›

TEST uses the data in array1 and array2 to compute a non-negative t-statistic. If tails=1, T. TEST returns the probability of a higher value of the t-statistic under the assumption that array1 and array2 are samples from populations with the same mean. The value returned by T.

How long does it take to write a test case? ›

For example, it takes about two to three days to build and review a simple test plan without test cases. Creating one test case usually takes about 10 minutes. The more test cases your product needs, the more time you should estimate for their development.

How long should a test case be? ›

Not too long or too short

Test suits should be defined so they take between 45 and 90 minutes to run, while still covering a significant area of the system in ”one swoop”.

What are the questions asked in manual testing? ›

Advanced Level Manual Testing Interview Questions
  • What are the different types of Software testing? ...
  • Explain Functional Testing. ...
  • Explain Non functional testing. ...
  • Mention a few advantages of Automated testing. ...
  • What is Regression Testing? ...
  • What is Test Harness? ...
  • Differentiate between Positive and Negative Testing.
May 19, 2023

How do you create a test plan and test strategy? ›

How to write a test plan
  1. Research and analyze the software. Before you create a test plan, consider studying the software and researching the type of people who are most likely to use it. ...
  2. Design a test strategy. ...
  3. Explain the objectives. ...
  4. Outline test criteria. ...
  5. Plan a test environment. ...
  6. Create a schedule. ...
  7. Identify deliverables.
Feb 3, 2023

Can a test scenario have multiple test cases? ›

Test scenarios can be both positive and negative. It usually includes multiple test cases seeking to check the end-to-end functionality of a specific feature – the different ways in which actual users utilize a feature.

What is high-level testing? ›

High-level test case (logical)

A test case without defined input values or expected results. It uses logic operators, but actual values are not defined yet. It's also known as “abstract test case”.

How many types of cases are there in Excel? ›

Microsoft Excel has three special functions that you can use to change the case of text. They are UPPER, LOWER and PROPER. The upper() function allows you to convert all lowercase letters in a text string to uppercase. The lower() function helps to exclude capital letters from text.

How do I select all cases in Excel? ›

Press CTRL+HOME to select the first cell on the worksheet or in an Excel list. Press CTRL+END to select the last cell on the worksheet or in an Excel list that contains data or formatting.

How do I calculate on an Excel spreadsheet? ›

For simple formulas, simply type the equal sign followed by the numeric values that you want to calculate and the math operators that you want to use — the plus sign (+) to add, the minus sign (-) to subtract, the asterisk (*) to multiply, and the forward slash (/) to divide.

What are examples of text formula in Excel? ›

=TEXT(TODAY(),"DDDD")Today's day of the week, like Monday
=TEXT(NOW(),"H:MM AM/PM")Current time, like 1:29 PM
=TEXT(0.285,"0.0%")Percentage, like 28.5%
=TEXT(4.34 ,"# ?/?")Fraction, like 4 1/3
7 more rows

What is a sentence case example? ›

"The 100-year-old scientist who pushed the FDA to ban artificial trans fat." "Barack Obama flies to thank troops who killed Bin Laden." "FBI investigating Cardinals' alleged hacking of Astros' computer system." "Only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized..."

What are test cases test plans? ›

Test Plan vs Test Case: Key Differences
AttributeTest PlanTest Case
Intended forTesters, Test managers and any Stakeholders need to be updated about the testing processTest team
DurationTill the end of completion of the testing projectTill the end of a particular testing process
4 more rows
Jan 20, 2023

What are the 3 A's of testing? ›

A unit test typically features three different phases: Arrange, Act, and Assert (sometimes referred to as AAA). For a unit test to be successful, the resulting behavior in all three phases must be in line with expectations.

What is the golden rule of testing? ›

Is testing always about finding the BUG or is it beyond? Testing implies the purpose of understanding whether the system fulfils the requirements or not. It helps identify the gaps, errors, or any missing requirements against the defined requirements.

What are the four 4 basic testing methods? ›

It is important that everybody understands this. There are generally four recognized levels of testing: unit/component testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.

Which testing is not possible? ›

Why Exhaustive Testing is impractical and impossible? It is not possible to perform complete testing or exhaustive testing. For most of the systems, it is near impossible because of the following reasons: The domain of possible inputs of a program is too large to be completely used in testing a system.

When testing has to be stopped? ›

When we run out of time. When the testers and/or the test environment are all re-deployed for another test. When the project budget runs out. When we have reached an acceptable level of risk.

Is 60% test coverage good? ›

Minimum Test Coverage Rate: Keeping it between 60 - 70%. Optimal Test Coverage Rate: Keeping it between 70 - 80%. Overkill Test Coverage Rate: Keeping it between 80 - 100%.

What are the 5 testing methods? ›

There are many different types of testing, but for this article we will stick to the core five components of testing:
  • 1) Unit Tests. ...
  • 2) Integration/System Tests. ...
  • 3) Functional Tests. ...
  • 4) Regression Tests. ...
  • 5) Acceptance Tests.
Jun 6, 2017

Which testing is more in demand? ›

We observed that Agile and DevOps, test automation, artificial intelligence for testing, and API test automation are the most noticeable trends in 2022 and over the next few years too.

Which is the most important thing to start testing? ›

Understanding the requirements clearly is the most important step in testing.

How do you write test cases for verification? ›

Be clear, concise, and assertive in describing what the tester needs to do and what results they should ideally get. Focus on End-User requirements when writing sample test cases. Map test cases to reflect every aspect of the user journey. Use the Specifications Document and the Requirements Document to do so.

How do you write a test case for a debit card payment? ›

Functional Test Cases for Payment Gateway
  1. Credit/debit card number+wrong date+ right cvv.
  2. Credit/debit card number+ right date+ wrong cvv.
  3. Wrong credit/debit card number+ right date+ right cvv.
  4. And some other similar combinations.
Apr 15, 2021

What is the test case template? ›

It is a document that outlines the steps, inputs, and expected results for a specific test scenario. A test case template is used to plan and organize software testing efforts, ensuring that all necessary test cases are executed and that any defects are identified and tracked.

What is test case design template? ›

A test case template is a document containing an organized list of test cases for different test scenarios that check whether or not the software has the intended functionality. A test case is a set of steps carried out to test a specific feature of an application.

What is a good test case? ›

“(1) A set of test inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement.

Which document is used to write test cases? ›

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

The Requirement traceability matrix [RTM] is a document which ensures that all the test case has been covered. This document is created before the test execution process to verify that we did not miss writing any test case for the particular requirement.

What is a sample of a debit entry? ›

For example, upon the receipt of $1,000 cash, a journal entry would include a debit of $1,000 to the cash account in the balance sheet, because cash is increasing. If another transaction involves payment of $500 in cash, the journal entry would have a credit to the cash account of $500 because cash is being reduced.

What is proper proof of payment? ›

A receipt or bank statement is the most common way to provide proof of payment. Receipt copies can be obtained from the seller either online or in person. If you need to use a bank statement, access it through your online bank account.

What is an example sentence for debit card? ›

1 I paid with my debit card. 2 Visa Delta is a debit card network linked with the Visa credit card network. 3 Access would be by debit card, and the use of credit cards would diminish. 4 The Great Wall Debit Card has a matched passbook.


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