Collective values compensation action: About SCAC (2023)

Securities Clinatinghouse (SCAC) contains detailed information on law enforcement, defense and processing of legal disputes in federal proceedings.

The Scac team maintains aSubmissionsDatabase with 6,292 securities lawsuits that were submitted from the adoption of the Securities Reform Law from 1995.The Database also contains copies of complaints, documents, discordive regulations and other disputes sent in these cases.

SCAC offers regular ETail notifications on new processes and messages of securities lawsuits.Can influence your wallets.Hundreds of lawyers, managers, scientists and media team also registered at

Scac made significant contributions to the empirical examination of the combination of collective action of collective action.

In 2009, Scac was recognized during a roundabout discussion on securities' claims statistics for the use of the best methods and protocols for counting, classification and reports on collective action for securities.Information Technology in the field of education and science. "Scac has served as a model for other research databases that offer to public or public or cheap content. Projects that have been modeled at ScacClearinghouse for civil rights disputesFrom the University of Washington, in St.Louis, the Legal Legal Stanfordinated, main in the intellectual property of Clearinghouse (IPLC, now known asLex Machina),Stanford Securities Litígios Analytics, e asClearinghouse for foreign corruption laws.

We focus on our resources in data acquisition methods.

Our researchers collect public access to electronic records (Pacer) to the public and extract and analyze thousands of symptoms, slips and other materials for legal disputes.), Press communications and news articles and academic sources have been submitted.We are constantly in our data acquisition methods to ensure that we collect and publish the best data

SCAC Database Sample Data

We sought the complaints of securities submitted to the Federal Court that came into force in accordance with the Law on Private Security Disputes of 1995. Therefore, our population consists of records of security complaints submitted to a Federal Court on January 1, 1996.

We do not seek legal proceedings submitted to the State Court, in which there is no civil claim parallel by the federal government.Nor do we seek the SEC execution procedure, but we seek parallel federal civil laws that were submitted to a Federal Court.

Definition of a single shipping or recording in the scac database

Frequently, if it violates federal investment laws, during these submissions usually contain significantly similar allegations, there may be deviations between allegations or the defendant in separate symptoms.Consolidate safety actions in a single procedure that can be managed together.

We present the challenge of creating in a single "recording" or "submission" of all associated processes, long before the courts consolidate these complaints in a single procedure.A unique "recording" or "submission" or submission consists of one or more the complaints of the securities action with the same accusations against the same accused or the same accused.The speeds that arise from the same topic become part of this recording or shipping.

Although a recording or registration may consist of various associated collective complaints, case versions are usually based on information from the first identified complaint that is used as a proxy for all complaints associated with it.If several symptoms are sent at the same time, we trust the complaint, it seems to contain the most detailed allegations.If we find a changed and/or consolidated complaint, we update the general view and other information as needed.

1 · I cannot print and/or download documents in PDF.What's happening?

Unfortunately, the problem with certain PDF documents on our site comes directly from the law firms that give us symptoms.The author allows the user.One of the most common closures is that the user can print the document.We apologize because we can't do anything against these especially encrypted documents.

If you need a printed copy of a record with an encrypted PDF document, contact the court in which the complaint was sent or the law firm that sent the complaint.The Court will definitely charge a fee.Some companies calculate and some do not.

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2 · What cases do they cover the Scac database?

It covers all archives presented before the Federal Court after the law on the reform of the 1995 private security dispute. Therefore, our population consists of records of securities complaints submitted to collective action after 1995.

3 · How often does the Stanford Clearinghouse database and the site is updated?

The shipping database is updated every working day.The news area is updated two or three times a week.The "Academic Article" section is updated as soon as the work is available for publication.The survey is led, semi -ups and annual publications.

4 · How quickly Clearinghouse sends an email notification to shipping after shipping?

As a rule, we submit a notification by and email once a week compared to all cases sent since the previous notification.

How long after sending, Clearinghouse publishes the complaint in a process?

After sending a lawsuit, we publish the complaint on the same day or within three days if the complaint is not available in electronic format.A delay of up to seven days can occur, as all court documents are prosecuted so that they can be researched.

6 · Are we planning to add different types of cases to Clearinghouse?

We do not have current plans to expand the site in such a way that different types (ie non -security) are captured by collective actions or other types of legal disputes.Our group at Stanford Law School and Arthur and Toni Ring Rock Center for Corporate, however, governance is to complete other databases and make it available to the public.For more questions, please contact Kyle Conover from our corporate relations office and founded

7 · Can I get a paper copy of a document published on the site?

Although most documents published on the site can be downloaded and printed for free, we do not have the features for copies of postal paper or fax of documents for individuals.The file (document) is encrypted, you can do nothing more than what the author of this document allows that you can only display the document in most cases.(Read: I can't print judicial documents in PDF and/or download. What happens?)

8 · Can we give advice on individuals about topics if a person has enough evidence to collect a collective action or if an investor should join a certain case in the class or not?

We do not answer general questions about the safety class -Clearinghouse, we cannot answer any question that requires legal counseling.

9 · Clearinghouse documents change before publishing them?

We do not change the text of the documents before publishing them on the site.An error in the original document is also displayed in the published document.As we had to create before 2000 HTML versions of the court documents, a document error appeared with a symbol "[sic]" behind it.Sometimes we change the distance or the layout of a document, but not the content.

10 · What is an action of securities?

A process is a case initiated in accordance with the Federal Government of Civil Procedure 23 on behalf of a group of people who bought the securities of a particular company over a given period of time (class period).The complaint usually contains allegations that the company and/or certain employees and public officers have violated one or more of federal or state laws.A process is subjected as a crime action because class members are so numerous that the cooperation of all members is not practical. The class members would create a risk of inconsistent and different decision.

11 · Are there laws that protect individual investors against fraud through company management?

The 1933 Securities Law and the 1934 Securities Expedition Law are the most important federal laws that prohibit this behavior.The text of these statutes is availableDeskbook of Securities LawOperated by the Faculty of Law of the University of Cincinnati. addition, states have securities laws known as blue sky laws and also designed to protect individual investors.

12 · Where can I find more information about securities promotions?

A section of this site is dedicated to academic articles related to securities, including written statements and analysis of securities and statistical reports (compensating home reports).URL addresses are

13 · Can data be downloaded?

For example, data cannot be automatically downloaded -of Excel format.Publish or distribute to another media company.

14 · Will scac remove documents or refer to index documents or to my clients published on the site?

Unfortunately, we cannot remove documents that contain your name/name/names from your client or remove the published index in Scac-Website (Cladinghouse Securities).SCAC is to provide scientists, judges, lawyers, investors, investors, politicians and media information about claims for securities lawsuits.During our client, we understand the interest of your client in anonymity, all information and documents in SCAC is extracted from sources available to the public and are part of historical records for a specific case.

If we remove documents that contain your name/name/de-index, we also need to remove thousands of public documents referring to the names of other parties (plaintiffs or accused), which would be serious questions about the integrity of the increase in SCAC.

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After all, removing or disarming the scac documents would not remove any information about you/your public recording customers.This information would usually remain available through other sources.

This project is only possible by the vision and generosity ofCornerstone researchit's atArthur and Toni Rembbe Rock Center for Corporate Governance.

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    Cornerstone researchProvides valuable financial and analytical support for this site.

  • It isRock Center for Corporate ManagementProvides financial and managerial support.

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In addition, neither Stanford University nor one of its employees, representatives, contractors or affiliated companies or third parties, Stanford University services to create Scac Botenim Scac, are displayed, and we warn all users that the inclusion of information in thisWebsite or and email notifications, there is no confirmation of the truth or accuracy of this information.

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